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Give Me Liberty 5th Edition Volume 1
by Eric Foner

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I’m reading this book for my college level class over the summer and it provides a great insight about historical events in depth and provides a new perspective to analyze and understand. i’d recommend for any avid reader who likes history or about how the world is what it is today

Pete The Cat Pizza Party
by James Dean

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Julian loved saying all the topping

If I Were A Puppy
by Anne Wilkinson

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The Great Gatsby
by Scott Fitzgerald

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So far the book has been really interesting. It selves into deeper experiences of the characters and promotes an insight into their feelings and how it develops the main plot. I’d recommend this book to everyone!

by Neal Shusterman

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This book was a thrilling mystery between characters and showcases a different dimension. I enjoyed reading about rowan and citra and how their differences led to a connection and while they unravel mysteries around the scythe world, they always find new things and that’s what i loved about it

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